Water Treatment Plant Services Camrose


Water Plant Services Camrose

A Vital Utilities, we are committed to providing water treatment plants with the best solutions and services including:

● Plant Audits– A comprehensive service visit to review current process conditions, electrical installations, system controls and mechanical operations, and support equipment. Recommendations to improve operations are provided in a detailed audit report.
● Spare Parts & Consumables: We supply OEM and 3rd party critical spare parts, general maintenance parts, chemicals and consumables.
● 24-hour call-out– Contracted service to provide 24-hour call out to an on-site operator for specific alarms in the plant.
● 24/7 Technical Support: Contracted service allows access to a specialist for emergency issue troubleshooting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
● Plant Upgrades: Complete mechanical electrical and assist in programming upgrades to suit client needs for increased plant efficiency and process improvements.
● Planned Maintenance– Contracted service visits to perform maintenance checks, review operations and provide recommendations to improve operations with a detailed service visit report
● Emergency Maintenance– Contracted service to perform emergency on-site system troubleshooting and equipment repair or replacement.
● Preventative Maintenance– Conduct an audit of the plant, review OEM documents and provide a planned preventative maintenance program for the equipment and ancillary support services.
● Documentation Development– Development of specific training programs for the equipment on-site, writing of Standard Operating Procedures and development of key checklists
● Electrical Needs - Through our sister company LA Electrical, we serve the electrical need of our customers.