Cleaning Lagoons and Ponds Using Microbial Technology

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Vital Utilities is pleased to announce the working partnership it has with EnBiorganic Technologies. With their advanced technology to clean lagoons and ponds guaranteed using microbial agents, we are now able to provide a solution to local communities. This reduces the expense of cleaning lagoons and ponds significantly in an environmentally friendly manner. 

Lagoons and ponds have been used for treating wastewater for over 3,000 years. Today there are over 1,000 wastewater treatment lagoons in operation within Canada. One appeal to using lagoons is that they generally require less energy than other treatment systems and have lower operation and maintenance costs. Lagoons are great because they don’t require much daily maintenance and often treat rather naturally. However, there are some long-term issues that can’t be avoided, so a maintenance plan needs to be put in place. Here are some common challenges such as sludge, FOG Accumulation (fat, oil and grease) and odour.At Vital Utilities, we understand that rural communities need to find ways to manage the costs of dealing with those challenges. That’s why we explored the solutions microbiology. While in the past the solutions didn’t deliver on their promises, the time has come. Vital Utilities explored and found the best in microbiology solutions. In fact, a guaranteed solution to dealing with sludge and FOG for your lagoon and pods.
“Simultaneously improve your facility’s economic performanceWhile reducing its environmental footprint with the only turn-key,autonomous system for the natural, biological treatment of wastewater.”
Introducing EBS -DI from EnBiorganic Technologies. Vital Utilities and EnBiorganic Technologies, which has an extensive history of providing wastewater solutions for municipalities and lagoons, both large and small. Together, we will engineer a turn-key system and solution for you that is sustainable and will also create a positive impact on our ecosystem.The wastewater management system is highly effective, requiring minimal input costs and little to no maintenance costs. It’s compact and compatible with existing infrastructures. Our customized microbial agent is formulated specifically for the unique needs of each site, with guaranteed results that are exceedingly better than government NPDES permit regulations.